Concise Curriculum Vitæ

Personals :

Wim van den Dungen


born in Antwerp


Languages :

Dutch, French, English, passive German
Middle Dutch, Middle Egyptian, basic Sanskrit

Academics :

Bachelor of Applied Economic Sciences
(BA, 1981 - RUCA)
Bachelor of Philosophy
(BA, 1983 - UFSIA, MCL)
Master of Philosophy
Departement of Logic & Epistemology
(MA, 1985, RUG, CL) - Thesis : On the Categories 'Rationality' & 'Irrationality' (1985, RUG, CL)
Sociology of Music
(1985 - RUG - Sabbe)
Esthetics of Music
(1985 - RUG - Broeckx)

• 1983 - 1987 : courses in Sanskrit (RUG - Jozef Deleu), Middle Egyptian (RUG - Herman De Meulenaere), Middle Dutch (UFSIA - Joseph Alaerts)
• 1984 : Hermeneutics of Religious Texts : Seven Ways of Holy Love by Beatrice of Nazareth (UFSIA - Alaerts)
• 1986 - 1990 : scientific collaborator RUG studying the cognitive aspects of love-mysticism, thesis reworked as : Kennis & Minne Mystiek (1994, Dutch)

Additional Studies :

1974 - 1986 : Western Astrology, resulting in : Wetenschapsfilosofie en Astrologie, Arcturus - Enschede, 1985.  Details can be found here.
1983 - 1987 : Biofeedback (Maxwell Cade)
and Depth Psychology (Freud, Jung, Assagioli)
1975 - 1993 : autodidact study of musical composition

Activities :

• 1990 - : advisor to Taurus Consulting Agency
• 2002 - : webmastering
• 2006 - : practicing Buddhist
• 2008 - : practicing Ch'i Kung
• 2015 - : Indie Author

As the result of my practice of Hindu Yoga (1982), a strong interest in the actuality of mystical experience rose.

Between 1981 and 1992, integrating a decade of study of the epistemology of the mysticism of Jewish, Christian and Muslim mystics, the Tractatus Logico Tragi-Comicus (1992) emerged.

Because of the substantial reorganization of themes involved, years of work lay ahead.

From 1993 onward, a number of Dutch texts were privately published.

For more details about this early period, consult the history of my Studies in Philosophy.


On the 9th of April 1996, the Report on this growing study, exclusively existing in cyberspace, became freely available on the WWW.

This solved the issue of being read, and interact with a community of sign-interpreters, reading and reacting.

In 2002, was coined.

The logic, epistemology and method of this effort pays tribute to Criticism, succinctly summarized in Regulae (2016).

Over the years, these various studies called for subdomains covering :

Philosophy, Ancient Egyptian Sapience, Neurophilosophy, Buddhadharma, Music.

From 2015 onwards, a number of books were published finalizing some of the issues studied and practiced over the last thirty years. Starting in 2015, over fourteen books have been published.

While webtexts remain rather provisional, the printed books intent more stablility.

My author spotlights :


Experience is not what happens to You, it's what You do with what happens to You.


All of the great empires of the future will be empires of the mind. - Churchill

freedom of speech l liberty l democracy l solidarity l spirituality

Escaping the dogmas and directives of any organized religion, church, lodge, temple, cult, sect, lineage, spiritual school or sectarian organization, and avoiding commercial and political pressures, my aim is free study tributing ongoing renewal.

2 extremes : to exclude reason, to admit reason only. - Pascal

The proposed criticism puts aside dogmatism & skepticism, and their ontologies, the extremes of eternalism (essences exist forever) & nihilism (nothing stable can be found). This Middle Way is backed by the normative disciplines of epistemology, ethics & esthetics. Such demarcations allow for a contemporary metaphysics and its validation.

Without falling into the traps of modern idealism or modern realism, not ensnared by spiritualism (mentalism) or materialism, this work pays tribute to the spirit of creative advance.


all available webpages


potent synthesis of the CORPUS

accommodating the view of totality and infinity
aimed at by SPIRA

Criticosynthesis (2008)


view on reality in terms of the PNEUMA based on the CORPUS

Critique of a Metaphysics of Process (2012)
Book of Lemmas

Do not think of the past and do not think of the future, matters of the past have already ceased and the future has not yet come. In the present moment one should attend with mindfulness to the lack of stability of whatever phenomenon there are ; the wise awaken in this way. - the Buddha

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Traditional Books

(1) Wetenschapsfilosofie en Astrologie
1985, Nederlands, 260p

(2) Het Open Hart
2015, Nederlands, 272p

Print-on-Demand Books

(1) Ancient Egyptian Readings
2016, English, 250p

(2) The Yoga-Sūtra of Patañjali : Translations
2016, English, 113p

(3) The Yoga-Sūtra of Patañjali : Translations and Commentary
2016, English, 344p

(4) Q1 : the Heart of the Gospel
2016, English, 64p

(5) On Seven Ways of Holy Love
2016, English, 106p

(6) Ten Ox-Herding Images
2016, English, 96p

(7) Thirty Verses on Conscious Life
2016, English, 170p

(8) Book of Lemmas
2016, English, 422p

(9) Regulæ
2016, English, 80p

(10) Emptiness Panacea
2017, English, 720p

(11) The Maxims of Good Discourse
2017, English, 44p

(12) The Egyptian Gentleman
2017, English, 192p

(13) In Togetherness
2018, English, 514p

(14) Turning the Wheel
2019, English, 328p

(15) Finding the Face
2019, English, 160p

(16) Renewal and Ascension
2019, English, 442p

Electronic Publishing (EPUB)

(1) An Ontology of the Moment
(2015, English)

The evidence for Extra Sensoric Perception (ESP) and Psychokinesis (PK) -and I have presented only brief summaries of a few examples of it- seems to be adequate. Serious attention to the evidence should be convincing to all except those who are irreversibly committed to the worldview of materialism and sensationalism, according to which ESP and PK are impossible in principle. - Griffin, D.R. : Parapsychology, Philosophy and Spirituality : a Postmodern Exploration, State University of New York Press - New York, 1997, p.89.

WWW Publications


(0) Tractatus Logico Tragi-Comicus
(1992, 145p, English)
(1) Knowledge and Love-Mysticism
(1994, 416p, Dutch)
(2) Prolegomena
(1994, 216p, Dutch)
(3) The Seven Ways : an Interpretation
(1995, 214p, Dutch)
(4) Knowledge
(1995, 456p, Dutch)
(5) Chaos
(1996, 330p, Dutch)
(6) The Pyramid Texts of Unas
(2006, 758KB, English)
(7) Neurophilosophy of Sensation
(2007, 1MB, English)
(8) Commentary on the Pyramid Texts of Unas
(2007, 324KB, English)
(9) Criticosynthesis
(2008, 587p, English)
(10) Critique of a Metaphysics of Process
(2012, 512p, English)
(11) The Yoga-Sûtra of Patañjali : a Buddhist Commentary
(2014, 716KB, English)
(12) The Book of Lemmas
(2014, 797KB, English)

(13) Practicing the Buddhadharma
(2014, English, 1803KB)


(01) A Cybernetical Anthropology
(1993, 113p, Dutch)
(02) An Aesthetic of the Excellent & the Sublime
(1993, 72p, Dutch)
(03) Sepher Yetzirah
(1993, 72p, Dutch)
(04) On Seven Ways of Holy Love
(1993, 41p, Dutch)
(05) Q1
(1996, 32p, Dutch)
(06) YHVH
(1995, 10p, English)
(07) The Mystical Theology
(1996, 102p, Dutch)
(08) Introduction to Classical Yoga
(1997, English)
(09) Singularity & Plurality in the Name(s) of the Divine
(1997, English)
Essay on Theodicy : the Scandal of Evil ?
(1998 - 2004, English)

(11) Towards the Jubilee of the Historical Jesus ?
(1998, English)
(12) From the Jesus-people to Early Christianity
(1998 - 2004, English)
(13) The Wisdom Discourse or the "Logia Iesu"
(1998 - 2004, English)
(14) Identifying the Historical Jesus
(1998 - 2004, English)
(15) The "Words of Jesus" : an Interpretation
(1998 - 2004, English)
(16) Jesus the Christ : a theology
(1998 - 2004, English)
(17) Essay on Sufi Themes
(1999, English)
(18) On Being and the Majesty of the Worlds
(1999, English)
Against the Free Will
(1999, English)
(20) On the Water of Life
(2000, English)
(21) On the Polished Mirror
(2000, English)
(22) The Yoga-Sûtra of Patañjali
(1997, English)
(23) Q1
(1997, English)
(24) Le Yoga-Sûtra de Patañjali
(1997, French)
(25) The Gospel of (according to) Thomas
(1997, English)
(26) On Seven Ways of Holy Love
(1998, English)
(27) The Third Life
(1998, Dutch & English)
(28) The Rules of the Game of True Knowing
(1999, Dutch & English)
(29) The Theology of Memphis
(2001, English)
(30) The Didache
(2001, English)
(31) The Great Hymn to the Aten
(2001, English)
(32) Discourse of a Man with his Ba
(2001, English)
(33) To Become A Magician
(2001, English)
(34) On the Shabaka Stone
(2001, English)
(35) Portal to a Colorful Recital
(2002, English)
(36) Tabula Smaragdina
(2002, English)
(37) The Creative Verb in Kemet
(2002, English)
(38) The Cannibal Hymn
(2002, English)
(39) Amun, the Great God, Hidden, One and Millions
(2002, English)
(40) The Scales of the Balance of Wisdom
(2002, English)
(41) The Maxims of Good Discourse of Ptahhotep
(2002, English)

Hermes the Egyptian
(2002, English)
A Spiritual Brainmind
(2003, English)
Alexandro-Egyptian Hellenism and Hermetism
(2003, English
The Instruction of Amen-em-apt, son of Kanakht
(2003, English)
(46) The Instruction of Amenemhat
(2003, English)
(47) Christian Orthodoxy and the Holy Spirit
(2004, English
The Instruction to Merikare
(2004, English)
(49) Amduat : the Book of the Hidden Chamber
(2004, English)
(50) On Henotheism
(2004, English)

(51) Does the Divine exist ?
(2005, 615KB, English)
(52) Liber Nun : everlasting Abyss and eternal Pleroma
(2005, English)
(53) The Ten Keys : Egyptian roots of the Principia Hermetica
(2005, English)
(54) Amduat : Egyptian Pataphysics of Creation
(2005, English)
(55) Escaping Osiris
(2005, English)
(56) Epistemological Clearings
(2006, English)
(57) Behaviours : On Critical Ethics
(2006, English)
(58) The Book of the Heavenly Cow
(2006, English)
(59) Tabula Tabularum Esotericum
(2006, English)
(60) Intelligent Wisdom : from Myth to Nondual Thought
(2007, English)
(61) Sensations : On Critical Esthetics
(2007, English)
(62) Theory & Practice of Philosophy
(2007, English)
(63) Amduat : Summary & Commentary
(2008, English)
(64) Emptiness Panacea
(2008, English)
(65) The Window of the Good Heart
(2009, English)
(66) The Tao, Emptiness & Process Theology
(2009, English)
(67) On the Deity
(2009, English)
(68) The Adoration of Re
(2009, English)
(69) On Ultimate Logic
(2009, English)
(70) A Philosophy of the Mind and Its Brain
(2009, English)
The Farben Project : Retuning, Coloration & Psycho-Acoustics
(2014, English)
(72) Practicing the Buddhadharma (Ati-Yoga)
(2014, English)
Guided Insight Meditations (I) : Self-Emptiness
(2014, English)
(74) The Thirty Verses on Conscious Life : the Trimśikā of Vasubandhu
(2015, English)
The End of Physicalism
(2015, English)
(76) Awakening Precludes Psychopathy
(2015, English)

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius. (...) Music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music. - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Most men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and continue as if nothing happened. - Churchill


first schoolday



Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them : the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.
Kant, I. : Critique of Practical Reason, conclusion, on his tombstone.

Thought is the enemy of compassion, obviously ! -

All I do is put in motion the heavenly mechanism in me, I'm not aware of how the thing works. -
Chuang tzu

No matter what the practice or teaching, ego loves to wait in ambush to appropriate spirituality for its own survival and gain.
Chögyam Trungpa : Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism.

Work diligently on your salvation. -
Buddha Shakyamuni

Be empty, that is all. -
Chuang tzu

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