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Labore et Constantia.

Remarks on Copyrights


The author of this website administers all copyrights of the webpages published by www.sofiatopia.org and its subdomains in cyberspace.

In principle, not a single text in these webpublications may be copied, reproduced or distributed without permission from the author, except for the purpose of private study, research or review.

To never kill the possibility of amendment, satisfying ecology, these text only exist in cyberspace. Ongoing change is prone to make existing printed copies outdated and useless.

Nearly all webpages bear a timeline bar, mentioning date of initiation (or first publication on the WWW), date of last update and version n°. With each change of view, a new version ensues. Everything else is an update.

Citations, odd quotations, brief passages and exerpts are in all cases allowed, provided (a) they do not exceed 100 KB, (b) the recipient of the information does not copy, reproduce, distribute or adapt these text for any kind of commercial gain and (c) www.sofiatopia.org is credited as the source by means of an active weblink :


Citations are best in this form :

van den Dungen, W. : "Name of Paper/Book", Date of Publication, URL.

Questions regarding copyrights, citations or referrer links should be directed to : philo@sofiatopia.org.


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