Fundamentals of Ontology


Delves into the essence of ontology, exploring its role as the pinnacle of metaphysical inquiry, discussing the relationship between metaphysics and physics, emphasizing the importance of empirico-formal knowledge (of science) as a foundation for metaphysical speculation. The text highlights the significance of correctness and validity in logic and epistemology, exploring classical and non-classical logic systems. The concept of 'emptiness' (śūnyatā) is introduced, emphasizing the absence of inherent existence in phenomena. The Middle Way approach is underscored, avoiding the extremes of nihilism and eternalism, advocating for a balanced understanding of existence, based on the absence of separateness and the presence of interconnectedness.

The main body of the book is structured around various lemmas, which are subsidiary propositions assumed to be true to prove another proposition. These serve as textual devices introducing the basic framework of ontology and organized in the order given in
A Critique of a Metaphysics of Process (2021).

Considering Style
Science and Metaphysics
Immanent Metaphysics
Transcendent Metaphysics
Mental Pliancy
Metaphysics as Conventional Truth
Metaphysics as Ultimate Truth
Ultimate Analysis
Preparative Ontology

Each introduces a set of arguments, annotations, and summaries, providing insights into various facets of metaphysics and ontology.

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