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Renewal and Ascension

English translation with Commentary of the Pyramid Texts of Unas. These canonical texts are an untainted primary source of religious texts and rituals about the renewal of the divine king in the netherworld and his ascension to the heaven of the sun god Re. 

Short Summary

In Renewal and Ascension, the Introduction and Commentary sections dive into the intricate world of Ancient Egyptian beliefs, rituals, and their broader cultural and historical contexts.


Reading Hieroglyphs : The book begins with an exploration of hieroglyphs, the writing system of Ancient Egypt, emphasizing its significance in understanding the texts and inscriptions.
Towards a Critical Anthropology : The author introduces a framework for critically analyzing Ancient Egyptian culture, suggesting methodologies and perspectives beyond tradition.
A Critical Approach to Ancient Egypt : Delves into the nuances of Egyptian history and culture, challenging conventional narratives and offering fresh insights.
Ancient Egypt in Prehistory : Traces the roots of Egyptian civilization.
The Myth of the Eternal Return : The nature of time and existence in Ancient Egyptian beliefs is explored, highlighting its centrality of the ‘first time’ in their worldview.
The Rise of Henotheism : The evolution of religious beliefs, particularly the shift towards henotheism (worshipping one god without denying the existence of other gods), is discussed.
Heliopolitan Theology : The royal theology centered around Heliopolis, one of ancient Egypt's major cities, is explored, emphasizing its unique contributions to Egyptian religious thought.


The Pyramid Complex of King Unas : Delves into the architectural and symbolic significance of his complex and its role in rejuvenating (renewal) and eternalizing (ascension) him.
The Texts of Unas : Exploration of the texts offers insights into their linguistic, religious, and cultural significance.
Commentary on the Pyramid Texts of Unas : Detailed commentary on the Pyramid Texts associated with Pharaoh Unas. They are the oldest intact religious texts in the world.
Integrating Perspectives : The importance of a holistic approach is stressed, integrating various perspectives to understand the texts and their contexts comprehensively.

The work Renewal and Ascension is a testament to the rich tapestry of Ancient Egyptian civilization, offering a nuanced and critical understanding of its beliefs, practices, and historical contexts. Through its detailed commentary and critical approach, it challenges traditional narratives and provides fresh insights into the world of ancient Egypt. 

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Renewal and Ascension


© 2021 by Wim van den Dungen

442 pages
available in the LULU Bookstore
ISBN : 978-0-359-81636-1

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Renewal and Ascension

© 2023 by Wim van den Dungen

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available in the LULU Bookstore
completely revised

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