Thirty Verses
on Conscious Life

Principles of Buddhist Yoga

The Thirty Verses or Treatise on the Thirty Verses on No More Nor Less than Representation Only by Vasubandhu (316 – 396) is a valuable collection of thirty verses that hold immense significance within the Yogācāra, the Yoga Practice School, the second branch of the Mahāyāna, after and next to the Middle Way (Madhyamaka). Also known as 'citta-mātra' or Consciousness-Only, the Yogācāra stands alongside Madhyamaka or Śūnyavāda (initiated by Nāgārjuna). 

These yogis seamlessly integrated the practices of yoga and emptiness epistemology.
Over time, the Thirty Verses became canonical.

It was translated into Chinese, becoming a pivotal component of the Treatise on the Establishment of the Doctrine of Consciousness-Only, a monumental work by Xuanzang (602 – 664).  In this work, Vasubandhu is read as an ontological idealism, subject causing object.

The commentary diverges from this commonly held interpretation and seeks to aligns itself with a critical and phenomenological reading of Vasubandhu's view on the Yogācāra.

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