Finding the Face

Recognizing the Nature of Mind

Short Summary

Finding the Face explores themes related to the nature of the mind, metaphorically referred to as the 'original face' of the mind. This represents a state of total presence, described as undefinable but inherently empty, radiant, wakeful, and compassionate.

Here are the metaphors inspired by the titles of each chapter. 
They aim to capture each chapter's core and themes poetically.

1. The Original Face : A pristine lake reflecting the untouched beauty of the surrounding mountains and sky, symbolizing the pure and inherent nature of the mind.

2. Pointing-Out : A guiding star in the night sky, leading the way and illuminating
the path to self-actualization and self-realization.

3. The Flute Player : A melody weaving through the forest, the presence
and guidance of the deep mind of all sentient beings.

4. The Frog and the Shadow : A vigilant sentinel in the night, responding to the fleeting dance of shadows and light, symbolizing the awakening to mindfulness and observation.

5. Mind the Gap : A bridge spanning a deep chasm, representing the connection and transition, the 'opening' between two moments of mind.

6. The Sun Above the Clouds : A radiant light breaking through the overcast sky,
symbolizing the ever-present clarity and awakening amidst obscurity.

7. The Mirror : A tranquil lake beneath the moonlight, reflecting the ever-changing dance of the night of ignorance, the unaltered and continuous reflection of the mind's stream on its face.

8. The Naked Theatre : An empty stage awaiting the unfolding of countless dramas, symbolizing the potential and impermanence of life's experiences.

9. The Wave and the Sea : The ebb and flow of the ocean,
the unity and diversity of all phenomena.

10. The Silent Witness : A tranquil mountain observing the passing of seasons, symbolizing consciousness's steadfast and observant nature.

11. Light in a Dark Cave : A flickering flame illuminating hidden treasures, representing the illuminating power of wisdom in the darkness of ignorance.

12. The Stainless Crystal : A flawless gem radiating myriad colors, symbolizing the multifaceted and pure nature of the original face of the mind.

13. Open Space : The boundless sky embracing all things,
awareness's limitless and inclusive nature.

14. The Eternal Moment : A timeless sunset painting the horizon,
symbolizing the transient yet eternal nature of the present moment.

15. The Oil of the Sesame Seed : The ever-present fragrance of a blooming flower, permeating every breeze and whisper of the wind, the ubiquitous presence of the radiant mind in every moment and state of consciousness, inviting realization amidst the myriad of life's experiences.

16. Churning Milk : The transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary,
symbolizing spiritual refinement and realization.

17. Buddha from the Start : A lotus blooming in the mud,
representing the inherent Buddha nature in all beings, regardless of their conditions. 

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