No Ego No Demons

Dharmic Inquiry into Ego Consciousness

No Ego No Demons

The Illusory Prisons : Recognizing and Overcoming Self-Delusion in Buddhist Philosophy

In the quest for understanding the human condition and the nature of existence, this book dives deep into one of the most significant metaphors in Buddhist thought : the prison of self-delusion. However, it is imperative to realize at the outset that the confines we discuss here are not built with steel and concrete. Instead, they are constructed with the more potent and often imperceptible bricks of mental constructs, conceptual overlays, and deep-seated biases.
The vastness of reality presents itself in a continuum, teeming with interdependencies and interrelations. However, when we wear the tinted eyeglasses of our preconceived notions, this interconnected fabric appears fragmented, and its vibrant hues are dulled.

Drawing parallels from Western thought, we may liken this discernment to 'sophia' or wisdom in its sense of broad (intellectual) understanding. This wisdom, or 'prajñā' in Sanskrit, is the best possible intellectual grasp of something. Furthermore, to genuinely 'see' — akin to 'gnosis' or direct knowledge — in Buddhist terms, 'jñāna,' is to immerse oneself experientially in reality.

But where does the delusion stem from ? At the heart of our self-imposed confinement lies the 'ego.' This relentless constructor of the illusionary bars continually asserts its presence. It casts a shadow of dualistic thinking upon our minds, sharply bifurcating the world into binaries : 'I' versus 'other,' knower versus known, possessor versus possessed. Such a dichotomous perspective shrinks the expansive, boundless playground of consciousness into narrow alleyways. The groundless ground of awareness — open, vast, and untethered — becomes tragically contracted. What was once an ocean of possibilities condenses into small, stagnant puddles of fixed identities.
The implications of this confinement are profound. By erecting walls of dualism, we involuntarily limit our experiences and interactions. Our very identity becomes ensnared in these dichotomous categories, obscuring our true nature's innate potentiality and freedom.

Therefore, the journey towards liberation entails not a relentless pursuit outwards but a deep introspection, recognizing these barriers and dismantling them. My mission within these pages is to decode this cage's nature, shine a light on its illusory bars, and provide tools for transcendence. We embark on a transformative journey, seeking to overcome the limited dyadic forms of identity and paving the way toward awaking without exceptions.

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