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Philosophy, love of wisdom, is a cognitive answer -extraordinary, multi-dimensional and comprehensive- to this call rooted in our physical, informational and sentient evolution, to know as much as possible, to invent novel order by actively transcending limitations and to open up and unchain our minds, thus producing more complex, refined & subtle states of matter, information and consciousness, thereby aiding creative advance and negentropy. This answer is engaged, open, personal, dialogal, rational, critical, creative and seeks the unconditional.

Philosophy allows recurrent and multiple transferences between, on the one hand, reason and intuition or meta-reason, and, on the other hand, reason and instinct or ante-reason. It is open to the spontaneous, meaningful, wonderous, luminous and ineffable..

"The teaching itself goes only so far as it requisite
to point out the path and to guide one thereon ;
the attaining of the vision is the task of each one alone who seeks it."
Plotinus : Enneads, VI.ix.4.

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