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The Egyptian Gentleman  

Deemed by some scholars to be "the oldest book in the world," the authorship of these Maxims of Good Discourse is attributed to Ptahhotep, a vizier under King Isesi of the Egyptian Fifth Dynasty

Short Summary

The Egyptian Gentleman profoundly explores ancient Egyptian wisdom, offering timeless advice on leading a balanced and harmonious life. The teachings emphasize the importance of understanding, hearing, listening, and acting with a pure heart, guided by the principles of Ma'at. The text serves as a testament to the rich sapiential heritage of Ancient Egypt,
providing insights that remain relevant to this day.

The Maxims of Good Discourse have three parts : Prologue, Teaching, and Epilogue.

Prologue : Introduces the reader to the essence of the teachings, emphasizing the importance of good discourse. It highlights the significance of Ma'at, the Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, and justice. It sets the stage for the teachings by emphasizing the value of wisdom, the role of the heart, and the importance of listening. It underscores the idea that the teachings are timeless, passed down from generation to generation, and are essential for a harmonious life.

Teaching : The core teachings delve into various aspects of life, guiding the reader to lead a righteous and balanced life. It emphasizes the importance of friendship, comparing good friends to the Nile, a source of sustenance and life. The teachings touch upon the significance of the 'son-of-man,' a term denoting an outstanding individual. The text also guides dealing with crime, emphasizing the importance of setting a good example. It advises on generosity, stating that one should always be generous but not naive. The teachings stress the importance of the heart and the Ka (a person's double or life force) in determining one's actions and fate. They blend moral, spiritual, and practical advice aimed at helping individuals navigate the complexities of life.

Epilogue : The epilogue is the apex of the teachings, repeating the role of listening, hearing, and understanding. It emphasizes that true listening leads to comprehension and wisdom. It touches upon the relationship between a father and son, highlighting the significance of passing down wisdom through generations, underscoring that actions reflect their heart's intentions.

It concludes that knowledge and wisdom lead to a fulfilling and prosperous life,
while ignorance leads to hardship. 

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The Egyptian Gentleman


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The Egyptian Gentleman

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