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The Words of Jesus
The Wisdom Discourses or the "Logia Iesu"

©  Wim van den Dungen

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The text of Q1 :

Scholars subdivide the text of Q1 (ca. AD 50) in 7 clusters (I, II ... VII). They are called : teachings, instructions, confidence in the Father, on speaking out & against anxiety, on personal goods, parables of the Kingdom and the followers of Jesus (Mack, 1993).

In the present study, the 21 sections (S1, S2 .... S21) of Q1 are linked with their references in the Gospel of Luke and in Kloppenborg's edition (K) of the complete text of Q (Kloppenborg, 1988). Finally Q1 is subdivided in 91 "verses". They are the semantic units used to structure my comment on Q1.

The text of The Gospel of Thomas :

Scholars conjecture that the Thomas-collection seems to be an anthology made from texts disparate both in age & contents. The text is a compilation gleaned from previously written apocrypha (Doresse, 1958). The textual order of these 144 sayings contains no clusters.

The 144 sayings of Jesus recorded by the Thomas-people (ca. AD 75 - 100) can be divided in :

(1) Q1-parallels (1 - 18) : 17%
(2) // canonical gospels (19 - 64) : 41%
(3) // other classical sources (65 - 76) : 9%
(4) sayings according to Thomas (77 - 114) : 33%

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