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An Exercise in QaBaLah

©  Wim van den Dungen

This exercise in Qabalah seeks to give a succinct & clear account of the way reification gives way to an ultimate abstraction of the eternal substance, i.e. a mode of thought accepting The One Thing exists from His/Her/Its own side, as an absolute entity in its own right, namely The One independent from anything else, only existing eternally for Him/Her/Itself.


De Pace Perfecta Luce
On Perfect Peace with Light

Book Naught

0 : Divine Darkness
00 : Space Without Limit
000 : Infinite Light

Book I


1 Kether


God's essence is only for God to be in.

The Divine procession starts when God begins realizing God & ends at the Jubilee of Jubilees (JJ) when He celebrates His last Cosmos (Immanence equating Transcendence).

Between beginning & end, God's Plan proceeds from God, i.e. God is 'becoming' more than essence ('ousia'), He creates existence ('energeia'). God's essence is inaccessible to Its outside ('esse subsistens'). It is Its own first cause ('causa sui'). It is for God to partake in. God (YHadonaïVY) shows Himself through His Cosmoi. But to what He (as Elohîm) manifests, God is potential, silent & withdrawn, i.e. an unknowable Divine Darkness.

2 Chockmah

The Cosmoi are born, live, die and are reborn through a Divine Comedy (God realizing God). When each & every point of God's Infinite Space finally has been a living Kether, making all of Space lit up (mirroring GOD through Himself as God realizing God) THE GREAT JOY bursts forth. The onefold Light of this JJ shines once and forever. The Divine, God Creator, understood as bipolar (i.e. transcendent, unqualified, potential & immanent, qualified, real) is paradoxical, apophatic, onefold, perfect and unique.

3 Binah

Three veils cover God.
They stand between Man & God as a cloud of unknowing,
for God is One God Alone :

0 = Absolute No-Thing-ness or Ain ; ?
the Will of God to Realize or not to Realize God ;
00 = Infinite Space or Ain Soph ;
all possibilities receiving this Will in order to bestow :
000 = Limitless Light or Ain Soph Aur !
a Hidden Light shining within God's Infinite Space.

Book II


4 Chesed

Creation is 'real' because Some-Thing came out of No-Thing. This emanation is not God's essence, but God's Energy. It is His Life. God's essence is a 'potential' reality, His existence a 'manifest' reality. So this outpouring is His procession. Creation serves the JJ, when God -through His Fatherhood as Crowned Creator- realizes God. At the JJ all ends & only GOD is all essences & existences ; all is One totally & perfectly selfrealized GOD-Self.

5 Geburah

Is His existence a 'Deification' of each & every point of Infinite Space ? Each Cosmos being but a small particle of this Space containing all options which -at the Final End- all have become real ? When All Ideal Is Real & All Reality Is Ideal only GOD remaineth.

6 Tiphareth

The procession is the outside of God. God's essence does not imply necessity. This begins when God stops being potential (i.e. when He exists). In order to realize God, God had to carve a hollow, constrict Its AUR & repolarize It. For He is the Great Architect of His Cosmoi.

Book III


7 Netzach

Because the procession takes place outside God, life is a Divine Comedy ; a play of God with God for the sake of God's willed God-realization as GOD-Self. Behold :
a) God's will to know Himself as God (vacating Space) ;
b) the contraction of the Light of this hollow to One point ;
c) the outpouring of this Kether of this present Cosmos by the Operations of His Divine Trinity, fashioning the Holy Sevenfold Order of our Creator through finite but Divine forms.

8 Hod

The veils cover God's interiority. They can be rendered only by GOD. Because God willed God, God willed the separation (bridged by the Kether of each Cosmos) between the hidden interior & Its procession, the exterior. The finite Cosmoi are contained within God who, hyper-existing in Kether as Our Father, enfolds them. Blessed is He !

9 Yesod

Tradition states that Will (Absolute No-Thing) carved out a Letter in Infinite Space (Absolute All). God contracted the Light of that vacated hollow to One Singular Point of Force and made It repolarize. So was born the outpouring Crown (or Light-fountain) of God's exterior (the Father of this Cosmos) making God the Creator of this Creation.

Book IV


10 Malkuth

The Will of God, the Act of allowing a Contraction to happen & the Outpouring of the Kingdom are the Spendours given to Malkuth to behold the sevenfold Law of Existence.

The Lightning Flash :

Kether is a dimensionless Monad, a Cosmic Father & Creator ; the immanent mode of the Absolute. The Seven Laws originate from His Trinity. His is a Divine mode of Alternation. The interior non-manifested Potential & Its exterior manifestation as a Creative & Divine Hyper-Existing Life-Energy are both separated & united.

The Serpent Path :

Kether is both the Potential & the Real. His hyper-existence is the Ever-Becoming-God, the perpetual change permeating the illusionary permanence of the Cosmoi. Our Father's hyper-activity makes virtual & real to be divided for the ultimate goal of the Final Consumption of God -through an infinite, infinitely His, infinite realizations- by GOD.


Remark :

A consistent distinction is made between God, God & GOD.

God in the beginning :
(1) God : ineffable, infinite, incomprehensible, unmanifest, virtual, potential, singular ;

God in process :
(2) God : God willing to realize 'ex nihilo' exterior Cosmoi for the sake of the immanence of transcendence and this in an absolute way (through the Crowns of an infinite number of Creators so long as Ain Soph does not completely mirror God's immanence) ;

GOD at the end :
(3) GOD : final & full realization of everything Called, Created, Formed & Made.


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