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Synopsis l Philosophy

  1. General Philosophy

    Tractatus Logico Tragi-Comicus
    1992, English, 145p
    Towards a Cybernetical Anthropology
    1993, Dutch, 113p - 183KB
    Towards an Aesthetic of the Excellent Exemplaric & the Sublime Beyond
    1993, Dutch, 72p - 156KB
    Prolegomena or the Rules of the Game of 'True' Knowledge
    1994, Dutch, 216p - 403KB
    1995, Dutch, 456p - 807KB
    1996, Dutch, 330p - 599KB
    The Rules of the Game of True Knowing
    1999, Dutch & English, 57KB
    Theonomy : the One-fold God
    1997, English, 92KB
    Theodicy : Essay on Theodicy : the Scandal of Evil ?
    1999, English, 81KB
    On Being and the Majesty of the Worlds
    1999, English, 66KB
    Against the Free Will
    2000, English, 82KB
    A Spiritual Brainmind
    Exercises in Neurophilosophy

    2003 - 2009, English, 595KB
    On Henotheism
    2004, English, 211KB
    Does the Divine exist ?
    2005, English, 615KB
    Clearings : On Critical Epistemology
    2006, English, 398KB
    Behaviours : On Critical Ethics
    2006, English, 179KB
    Intelligent Wisdom : from Myth to Nondual Thought
    2007, English, 443KB
    Neurophilosophy of Sensation
    2007, English, 125KB
    Sensations : On Critical Esthetics
    2007, English 204KB
    Theory & Practice of Philosophy
    2007, English, 180KB
    2008, English, 1852KB
    A Philosophy of the Mind and Its Brain
    2009, English, 421KB
    Critique of a Metaphysics of Process
    2010 - 2012, English, 2.460KB
    The Book of Lemmas
    2014, English, 797KB
    The End of Physicalism
    2015, English, 264KB
    An Ontology of the Moment
    2015, English, 168KB

  2. Hermeneutical Studies

    On Seven Ways of Holy Love
    1993, Dutch, 41p - 71KB
    Sepher Yetzirah
    1993, Dutch, 72p - 183KB
    1996, Dutch, 32p - 18KB
    The Mystical Theology  
    1996, Dutch, 102p - 225KB
    1997, English, 17KB
    The Yoga-Sûtra of Patañjali
    1997, English, 25KB
    Le Yoga-Sûtra de Patañjali
    1997, French, 26KB
    The Wisdom Discourse or the "Logia Iesu"
    1997, English
    The "Words of Jesus" : an Interpretation
    1997, English
    The Gospel of (according to) Thomas
    1997, English, 32KB
    The Third Life
    1998, Dutch & English, 55KB
    On Seven Ways of Holy Love
    1998, English, 24KB
    The Didache

    2001, English, 139KB
    The Memphis Theology
    2001, English, 86KB
    The Great Hymn to the Aten
    2001, English, 197KB
    Discourse of a Man with his Ba  
    2001, English, 237KB
    To Become A Magician  
    2001, English, 298KB
    The Cannibal Hymn
    2002, English, 89KB
    Amun, the Great God : Hidden, One & Millions
    2002, English, 268KB
    The Maxims of Good Discourse : or the Wisdom of Ptahhotep : Lexicon - Maxims - Notes
    2002, English, 297KB
    The Instruction of Amen-em-apt, son of Kanakht
    2003, English, 125KB
    The Instruction of Amenemhat
    2003, English, 29KB
    The Instruction to Merikare
    2004, English, 66KB
    Liber Nun : everlasting Abyss and eternal Pleroma
    2005, English, 126K
    The Book of the Heavenly Cow
    2006, English, 82KB
    The Pyramid Texts of Unas
    2006, English, 758KB

  3. Philosophy of Religion & Comparative Mysticism

    Knowledge and Love-Mysticism  
    1994, Dutch, 416p - 1.012KB
    On Seven Ways of Holy Love : an Interpretation
    1995, Dutch, 214p - 384KB
    1995, English, 10p - 8KB
    Towards the Jubilee of the Historical Jesus ?
    1997, English, series of papers, 405KB
    From the Jesus-people to Early Christianity
    1997, English
    Identifying the Historical Jesus
    1997, English
    Jesus the Christ : a theology
    1997, English
    Introduction to Classical Yoga
    1998, English, 43KB
    Essay on Sûfî Themes
    1999, English, 72KB
    On the Water of Life
    2000, English, 38KB
    On the Polished Mirror
    2000, English, 110KB
    On the Shabaka Stone
    2001, English, 73KB
    Portal to a Colorful Recital
    2002, English, 242KB
    Tabula Smaragdina
    2002, English, 107KB
    The Creative Verb in Kemet
    2002, English, 184KB
    The Scales of the Balance of Wisdom 
    2002, English, 16KB
    Hermes the Egyptian
    The influence of Egyptian Thought on Thales, Anaximander & Pythagoras

    2002, English, 263KB
    Alexandro-Egyptian Hellenism and Hermetism

    2003, English, 167KB
    A Christian Orthodoxy and the Holy Spirit
    2004, English, 182 KB
    Amduat : the Book of the Hidden Chamber
    2004, English, 14KB
    The Ten Keys : Egyptian roots of the Hermetica
    2005, English, 247K
    Amduat : Egyptian Pataphysics of Creation
    2005, English, 194KB
    Escaping Osiris
    2005, English, 196KB
    Tabula Tabularum Esotericum
    2006, English, 152KB
    Commentary on the Pyramid Texts of Unas
    2007, English, 324KB
    Amduat : Summary & Commentary
    2008, English, 195KB
    The Adoration of Re
    2009, English, 61KB
    The Window of the Good Heart
    2009, English, 381KB

  4. Studies in Neurophilosophy

    A Neurophilosophy of Sensation
    2003, English, 126KB
    Imagining the Brain
    2003, English, 151KB
    A Philosophy of the Mind and its Brain
    2009, English, 422KB

  5. Studies in Buddhadharma

    Emptiness Panacea
    2008, English, 567KB
    The Tao, Emptiness & Process Theology
    2009, English, 386KB
    On the Deity
    2009, English, 130KB
    On Ultimate Logic
    2009, English, 430KB
    On Tantra
    2012, English, 212KB
    The Yoga-Sûtra of Patañjali : a Buddhist Commentary

    2014, English, 716KB
    Guided Insight Meditations (I) : Self-Emptiness
    2014, English, 103KB
    Practicing the Buddhadharma
    2014, English, 1803KB
    The Thirty Verses on Conscious Life : the Trimśikā of Vasubandhu
    2015, English, 270KB
    Awakening Precludes Psychopathy
    2015, English, 80KB


  6. Studies in Music

    The Farben Project : Retuning, Coloration & Psycho-Acoustics

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